Pedestrian Gates

Handicap Swing Gates

Handicap Swing Gates are Half-man height pedestrian Barrier Gate particularly deployed for the use of Handicap Wheelchair Borne. They are also used for the movement of trolleys and material carts in an office environment. These are motorised and come with either a Glass Panel as a barrier or a “P-Type” arm in Stainless Steel.


They may be deployed to control movement of Wheelchair Borne Persons & also used for the movement of trolleys and material carts in an office environment in a low security zone ideally monitored by CC-TV & physical guard/s to control movement of people in a disciplined manner as only one person must be allowed to pass through at a time. They may be deployed for controlling access at offices, Factories, Sports Facilities, Theme Parks, Airports. Office Buildings, Govt. Offices. Movie Theatre, Malls, Museum etc. They may be put into operation where-ever there is a need for controlling movement of physically challenged persons. Material Movement may also be permitted through these gates. It must also be borne in mind that appropriate passages must be cleated for processing of such persons needing special guideways. Ramps, Special elevators and necessary access plans must in place for effective use of these gates.


They may be integrated with varied authorisation protocols viz. Proximity Card; Bar Code; QR Code; Varied Bio-metric & Camera based authenticating devices etc.

Drive System

They are offered with varied drives for movement viz. Motor, Manual Rotation with Solenoid Locking & Manual Movement for free access.


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