Pedestrian Gates

Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstile, as the name suggests are full man-height Pedestrian Barrier Gates have in the centre of the cage a vertical column with 3 Sets of protruding horizontal bars spaced at 120° from each other to serve as blocking arms. This central column with arms rotates in both clock-wise and anti-clock-wise direction thereby allowing access in either direction however, to only one person at a time. The design and build of the Full Height Turnstile system also ensures that they are anti-climb and Rugged.


They may be deployed to control movement of people in a high security zone ideally monitored by CC-TV for incident capture & physical guard/s only to aid in case of any assistance that may be required. These Full Height Turnstiles offer a perfect barrier Gate system for processing people in a disciplined manner as only one person can pass through at a time. They may be deployed for controlling access at Construction Sites, Factories, Sports Facilities, Theme Parks, Secure side of Airports, perimeter of secured facilities such as Office Buildings, Govt. Offices, Godown or storage facilities, data-centre etc. Considering they are rugged they are generally preferred for controlling movement of people in areas where security & discipline could be of an issue.


They may be integrated with varied authorisation protocols viz. Proximity Card; Bar Code; QR Code; Varied Bio-metric & Camera based authenticating devices etc.

Drive System

They are offered with varied drives for rotation viz. Motor, Manual Rotation with Solenoid Locking & Manual Rotation for free access.


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