Pedestrian Gates

Full Man-Height Handicap or Bike Gates

The Full Man Height Swing Tye gate, as the name suggests is a Pedestrian or Vehicular Barrier Gate that offers access in either director through its swing movement for open and close operation. They are typical Doors but built-in metal for extra strength and security usually deployed in combination with a Full Height Turnstile for access of handicap persons of even bikes/two-wheelers in a low security environment.


They may be deployed to control movement of handicap people, material carts, bikes in a low-security zone ideally monitored by CC-TV & physical guard/s. These Gates offer a perfect barrier system for processing people on two wheelers, wheel chair occupants & also small hand pushed material carts in a disciplined manner. They may be deployed for controlling access in secured areas, airports, factories, Govt. buildings etc. Considering they are strong and rugged they are generally deployed at factories, stores, Godown, large store rooms and for controlling movement between two secured areas in factories etc.


They may be integrated with varied authorisation protocols viz. Proximity Card; Bar Code; QR Code; Varied Bio-metric & Camera based authenticating devices etc.

Drive System

They are offered for manual & motorised operation

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