Pedestrian Gates

Airport Boarding Gates

Boarding Gates are Speed Gates that are Flap/Swing Type pedestrian Gates. These types of pedestrian Gates are Half-man height with two cabinets forming an aisle in between for movement of people. These are bi-directional gates with panels either in glass, polycarbonate, soft foam material etc. forming the obstruction in the middle of the lane so-as-to allow access through these systems into a facility only after authentication. These blocking panels in the middle of the lane may either swing, slide, retract in an arc into the system for the open and close movement during pedestrian access.


They are usually deployed at the entry of an airport and at entry to Boarding gates for access of only authorised travellers. They may also be installed at Security Check points and such other areas as well.


They may be integrated with varied authorisation protocols viz. Proximity Card; Bar Code of Boarding Cards; QR Code; Varied Bio-metric & Camera based authenticating devices etc. It is usually the Security & Access Control vendor who integrates these Boarding gates in line with the strategy as adopted by the Owners of the Airport and/or the Airport Authority Of India.

Drive System

They are offered with motors for the opening and closing movement of the blocking panels in the middle of the system.


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